On the Bench #1

I”m going to be starting a game design journal, right here, for your eyes to read. Every week, I’ll be talking about what games I’m working on, and what the Painted Ogre is up to.


This week is the last week of free time for game design for the next few weeks because we’re launching the Kickstarter for Goblin Warlord on Monday. Check back, or email me (over there <————-) to get notified when the Kickstarter launches.


With that out of the way, What have I been working on?

I’ve been caught up with the Microgames bug this week. I’ve put together a few real quick games with minimal print-n-play type components that will be downloadable here sometime later.

One is a point to point racing game, no board, just a table top, and the cardboard counters that represent cars, and everything else. It’s pretty neat.

There’s also a WWI mixed with Dieselpunk aeroplane combat game. Think Steampunk without all the outrageous technology. Again, free form table top game, and like the racing game, it all fits in a small ziploc baggie.

The Elder Ogre and I banged out a quick ruleset for a dexterity based series of tank battle games. Tossing blast templates at the tabletop, trying to cover tank counters to eliminate them.

Mostly this week has been working on the Microgames, and gearing up for the KS.

Next week, I’ll have pictures of the prototypes for this weeks batch of Microgames, along with updates on the Goblin Warlord front, and whatever I get a chance to work on throughout the week.




The Painted Ogre.


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