On the Bench #1.7

I am pushing the Goblin Warlord Kickstarter launch back a few days to this weekend. I have a few things to add to the campaign, and apparently, Mondays are bad luck for crowdfunding. So Look for news about the launch closer to the weekend.


I am still working on my battery of micro games.

I finished up prototypes for a trick taking style Chess deck of game cards. Players each have a deck of their own, called an Assembly, from which they draw a hand. They assign the pieces (cards) from their hand to one of two Fields, and resolve each field like a trick taking card game, with each piece having a unique rank and capture rules. Each Field is both worth victory points, and grants a special ability to the player. The game ends when a king is captured, the Field runs out, or a player can’t draw a hand of at least three cards.


I’m going to probably submit the Chess deck game into a Microgame design contest over at the Game Crafter, wish me luck.


I’m putting the finishing touches on the PDF for a racing microgame. I’ll announce a ‘Name the Game’ contest this weekend on our Facebook page. If you haven’t liked us on Facebook, you totally should


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